Two images and one Dia-object from the series "I am the Universe" in "bona fide - in gutem Glauben",
Galerie der Kunstschaffenden OÖ curated by Katharina Acht and Violetta Wakolbinger
5 April - 28 April 2016

Stefan Weninger, Exhibition Bona Fide Kunstschaffenden OÖ Linz

C-Prints, 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm framed; Dia-object 17 cm x 16,5 cm x 19 cm

Words: Christa Stummer, religious pedagogue, art historian

Press / review: Vom Glauben und Unglauben in der Kunst - - 15 April 2016

"The Queen Was There"

Stefan Weninger, The Queen Was There

C-Print, 24 cm x 30.5 cm